Azalea and the Chasing of Cloaks – Chapter 1, The Malum

I decided that I wanted to publish my Azalea story which I also have on wattpad, but just to publish it on here as well just to see how people on wordpress like it. I hope you enjoy the first chapter.

The past of Azalea is quite vague, but there is still information to discover and to talk about.

Azalea is a young sorceress born in the small town of Dordale with her sister, and father. She never remembers her mother, or where she went. But she loved her family. They lived in the kingdom of Keabeth. But Azalea wasn’t aware she was a sorceress. Matter a fact, most people believed that there were no more sorcerers left. But, there was also a legend that said that there were 2 sorceresses left in the world. Nobody was ever able to find them, I mean obviously there are so many people in this world to count, how could you find 2 girls with an extremely special gift? But the answer to the world who searched years to find the 2 remaining sorceresses would soon be found. Azalea and her older sister Adrasteia were the ones who were gifted to be the last remaining sorceresses. But it took something terrible to happen for an old woman to figure out how special these girls were.

ஐ Chapter one ஐ

The Malum

It was another cloudy day in Dordale, typical. Azalea flung her long brown hair behind her and started heading home from school. She treaded through the mud covered road and then stopped to wave at the bakery owner, Mrs. Safrian. “Good afternoon!” Azalea said as she waved at Mrs. Safrian. Mrs. Safrian waved through the bakery window smiling then coming out with 4 of her 7 children. “Adam, no! You can eat later!” Mrs. Safrian corrected little Adam, Adam recently turned 5 and kept trying to steal everything. Food, clothes, you name it. Then there was Anna, tugging at Mrs. Safrian’s apron saying quietly, “Mother, when is Daddy coming back?” “Tomorrow dear, I told you already he had to go and deliver some things far away.” Mrs. Safrian answered little Anna. Then came Marie, rushing out of the bakery yelling, “Hi Azalea! Look at my drawing, isn’t it cool?” “Now wait a minute Marie, I’m-“ Mrs. Safrian was cut off by Alexander bursting through the bakery door crying out, “Mother Sophie hit me!” Mrs. Safrian picked up Alexander and said, “I’ll be there in a second, just give me a bit to talk to Azalea.” “It’s fine if you don’t have the time to talk Mrs. Safrian.” Azalea replied. “Oh no no dear, it’s just fine.” Mrs. Safrian said as she put down Alexander as he pouted and went back in the bakery. “What did you need darling?” Mrs. Safrian asked as she wiped the flour off her apron. “Ha, I always seem to be covered in flour!” She smiled. “Um I was just wondering if you could make some blueberry scones for my sister. She really likes them and her birthday is soon so-“ Azalea was interrupted by Mrs. Safrian exclaiming, “Oh well of course I will!” She then took out her to-do list out of her apron pocket and grabbed a pen from the other. “So, how many blueberry scones do you want?” “Or maybe I could also make you a cake too! Oh I love making cakes! What is your sister’s favorite cake flavor?” Mrs. Safrian continued, “I have chocolate, vanilla, chocolate and vanilla mixed together, carrot, red velvet, lemon, pumpkin, pound cake, strawberry, chocolate raspberry, almond, key lime, fudge, mint, hazelnut, banana, pineapple, poppy seed, coconut, cheese cake, pecan and butter, rum cake, oh wait your sister is too young for that, um-“ “Oh it’s fine! You really don’t have to make a cake.” Azalea responded. “Oh but, I really want too.” Mrs. Safrian smiled. “I’m not very busy this week, I’m sure I’ll have the time!” “Oh but you really-“ “no! It’s fine! I want too!” Mrs. Safrian handed Azalea a list of cake flavors. “There you are darling, go home and hand that list to your sister so she can choose what she wants, then just come back and tell me, alright?” “Oh um, thank you Mrs. Safrian.” Azalea took the list thinking, she just can’t be able too make a cake and blueberry scones in a few days, she has 7 children to take care of and hundreds of orders to fill out! It’s silly, I hope she allows me to pay her at least.

“So um, how much is the scones and cake together?” Azalea asked politely. “Oh don’t worry about it, you don’t have to-“ Azalea cut Mrs. Safrian off. “No! I need to pay you, it’s not fair for you!” “I have enough money to sustain my family for goodness sake Azalea, just let me do your family a favor!” Mrs. Safrian said writing down on her list to make a dozen blueberry scones. Azalea sighed. It was quite normal for Mrs. Safrian to be stubborn. She has always been. She then said, “Alright Azalea, when your sister decides what cake she wants, you can come back and tell me.” “Alright, fine.” Azalea replied. “Well, you better get home, your sis might be wondering were you’ve gotten too!” Mrs. Safrian waved Azalea goodbye as she walked back into the bakery saying, “Oh now who hit you Alexander?” Azalea smirked. Mrs. Safrian was so nice to her and her family. She knew about the fact that Azalea’s dad was a single dad and always tried to help out when needed. She was kind of like a motherly figure to Azalea and her sister in a way. Azalea waved goodbye and made her way home. The tiny village of Dordale had a old classic country feel to it. All the homes looked like log cabins and old barns made into houses. Everyone had gardens with flowers, fruit and veggies. As she approached her house, she stopped for a moment to overlook the cake flavors Mrs. Safrian had given her to show to Adrasteia. Azalea then walked up to the old creaky front door, and then tried to open it. It was always budged it seems. Azalea was about to kick the door open when her sister came up by the door and said, “Having trouble with that damn door again?” Adrasteia asked. Azalea raised her eyebrow and said, “Hey, no mouthing off!” Adrasteia rolled her eyes and patted Azalea’s head. “Come on it’s just damn. I met the um…river thing.” “Right….” Azalea said sarcastically. Adrasteia looked pretty similar to Azalea, same long brown hair and eyes, and they both looked like there mother. At least that’s what there father would say. The difference though, was that Adrasteia was much taller then Azalea, and not just because of the fact that Azalea is 14 and Adrasteia is 16. Also of course their personalities are completely different from each other. Azalea is kind of deep when it comes to talking about things. She has humor to it though, and she loves to be sarcastic. Adrasteia on the other hand, is extremely humorous and loves to make fun of her little sister. Though they are also very close. Adrasteia pushed the door a few times attempting to open the door finally, but it didn’t work. So instead Adrasteia said, “Back away for a second.” Azalea jumped back and looked a bit worried. Adrasteia then walked back about 2 feet away from the door and ran into it with her foot first slamming into the door and forcing it open. “Whoa!” Azalea exclaimed. “Where did you learn how to do that?” Azalea asked with a curious look on her face. “I didn’t learn it, I guess I’m just a natural at kicking doors open…” Adrasteia smirked then went inside. Azalea rolled her eyes. “You’re so ridiculous” Adrasteia hung her coat up and said, “Yeah now I’d like to see you try and do that.” Azalea poked her sister’s belly which made Adrasteia squirm around for a second. She hated that. Then Azalea said, “Maybe I will do it.” Adrasteia turned around and slapped Azalea’s hand, “Don’t poke me!” Azalea grinned and said, “Whatever I’m-“ Azalea was cut off by a knock at the door. “Who could that be?” Adrasteia looked around and said, “Father isn’t home from work for 3 hours.” “Hey, you’re the older more responsible one, go answer the door!” Azalea whispered. After a few short moments of arguing about who should answer the door, The knock came again yelling this time, “Whoever is in there needs to come out now! T-T-The Malum is coming!” Azalea and Adrasteia turned there heads to one another and said together, “What?!” They then panicked. The Malum were coming, the horrid monstrous monks that had now turned into a cult that kidnapped people and terrorized the lands. The King of Keabeth originally created the group of monks, to go to criminals and have god forgive them. But somehow these good hearted monks were turned into seemingly demons, invading and looting and killing and kidnapping everywhere they went… Most towns had alarms for when the Malum were coming. The Malum never invaded tiny towns because there isn’t really much to do there. So, naturally the tiny village of Dordale seemed un threatened. So they didn’t have an alarm, or places to go when the Malum, burned the houses down…this was completely un expected and horrifying to the two young girls. Adrasteia swung the door open to find their neighbor Mr. Whitman standing there looking extremely afraid and anxious. He said, “girls quick! I’ve got a buggy for you and some of the other children can go in, I’ll drive you somewhere in the forest so the Malum can’t hurt you!” He looked around him as other people, now just finding out about the news, were already screaming with terror before the Malum even came. They ran out the door as Mr. Whitman, guided them to his buggy. There were 8 other children inside, 3 of them including his children. Others included some of the children going to Azalea’s school. Adrasteia went in first into the crowded buggy and grabbed her sister’s hand and pulled her in. The buggy was so crowded, Azalea was literally being squished right against the now closed door. Mr. Whitman called his wife as she brought out their sheep dog May and plopped her in the front seat in Mrs. Whitman’s lap. Mr. Whitman turned around and yelled, “I think that’s all I can fit in the buggy let’s go!” Mr. Whitman then whipped the horses saying, “Trot on!” In a loud and clear voice, and they were off. Azalea was only thinking about her dad, and about Mrs. Safrian and all of her kids. She curled herself up in a ball to give the other kids some leg room. Then all of a sudden, a loud whinny of a horse that definitely did not come from Mr. Whitman’s horses was heard. Azalea and the rest of the children in the buggy turned their heads and tried to peer out the little window at the back of the buggie. It was them. The Malum. Mr. Whitman’s hands were sweating and shaking as he nervously said, “Canter on!” It was a group of 15 Malum members, all in dark brown cloaks, similar to a monks. They carried long, curved swords and knifes with matches,  and long whips. They spread out and one headed for Mrs. Safrian’s bakery. Azalea winced at the sight covering her face. A loud sharp scream came from almost all the buildings of people who were trying to get away, but just didn’t make it in time. One woman, holding her newborn child, grabbed a pan and a kitchen knife and whacked a Maium on the head, knocking him out then stabbing him in the leg running away in terror to find her husband. One malum then started to chase the buggy, terrorizing the children and making them scream and yell. Mr. Whitman, who shouted “Stop stay calm!” It was very hard to stay calm though as you can imagine. The Malum’s horse approached to the side of the buggy when Mrs. Whitman grabbed the long horse whip, and whipped the man as Mr. Whitman screamed “Stop!” At his wife, Mrs. Whitman continued. She eventually got his bare skin, which made him flinch and slowed his horse down. They then lost him. Azalea breathed a sigh of relief when all of a sudden the latch on the buggy door snapped and Azalea found herself falling out of the buggy. Adrasteia made a terrifying scream, as so did the other children. Azalea fell slam down on the ground on her bottom. Adrasteia yelled, “Whitman what are you doing?!” Mr. Whitman peered over for a second to see Azalea running towards the buggy filled with fright. “I’m sorry I can’t stop for her.” Mr. Whitman yelled back. “What the hell are you talking about she’s my sister!” Adrasteia screamed at the top of her lungs making the other children in the buggy cover their ears. “I’m sorry I just can’t.” Mr. Whitman said with a sigh. He did like Azalea and her family, but it was too risky to stop the buggy now. Mrs. Whitman put her face in her hands clearly upset. Adrasteia just kind of sat there, utterly shocked by the response given by Mr. Whitman. “I’m sorry, I just can’t.” That’s ALL he had to say about her own little sister falling out of the buggy where she will probably be murdered by a malum member? Oh she just couldn’t bare to think about it. Adrasteia sat there, lost in her thoughts about what would happen next. She didn’t have a clue where her father was, what if he’s dead? What if Azalea dies? Adrasteia, who was just to overwhelmed by the idea, just dazed out. Meanwhile though, Azalea who was luckily completely fine from falling out of the buggy, stood up brushing the dirt off her skirt looking around her for any sign of danger. She needed to find somewhere, so she thought for a moment as she hid behind a large bush nearby. “I could go to Mrs. Safrian’s.” Azalea whispered to herself. “But it’s in the middle of town square, that’s probably right where the Malum are attacking.” She shuddered at the thought of her dear Mrs. Safrian or one of her little children dying. She then said to herself, “No I just can’t risk sitting here outside where they are bound to find me.” She then decided to suck up her fears of town square and headed for Mrs. Safrian’s bakery. She slowly crawled with her head down and ears alert through the many bushes and trees that surrounding the dirt road. She then started to hear the Malum, they WERE in town square. Just like her mind had predicted. She took a deep breathe, and a loud gulp. Before she could start to proceed through town square though, someone poked her in the back. Azalea flung herself in the air and fled without knowing that it was just a small twig falling from a tree above her. But the tension in her just drove her crazy. She fled like an idiot. And fled through the open roads where she spotted the Malum, face on. She witnessed the un justifiable murder of a poor man who sadly didn’t escape the Malum’s grasp. But instead of running away in fear and horror, something strange occurred. Very strange indeed. Azalea just stood there, filled with rage. She clenched her hands and felt a unique shock. She ran through the road right up to the Malum’s faces. The Malum, not even noticing the young girl, were taking out their loot from the man’s home. Azalea, without thinking for a moment, just punched a Malum member. Right in the face. The Malum member, looking surprised and a bit dazed, fainted. Azalea, surprised at the sight of it, stepped back for a moment as the other Malum members with loot still in there hands, fell down. Azalea who stood there as other town members followed up, but one screamed “More of em’ the damn things! More!” The villagers ran back into there homes, without thinking at all. You could scream Malum on Christmas morning when it was too cold for anyone to come out and everyone would run like cats running from a dog. Azalea, hearing this,  looked around her, for some reason her brain couldn’t register where she intended on going which was Mrs. Safrian’s bakery. Instead she just ran into a tiny random shop and shut the door as fast as a bullet. No one seemed to be inside the shop, but Azalea said “Hello?” Anyway of course. A voice came from the back of the shop saying, “Yes dear what do ya need?” the old woman came out with a feather duster in her hand. Azalea looked around her. Curtains open, shop windows open, this woman was clearly not stressed about the fact that there was a massacre going on outside her shop. “Erm I was just wondering if I could stay in here until the Malum leave.” Azalea looked around her then asked politely, “Miss, do you know the Malum are right outside your shop?” “Well yes of course I do deary! Everyone in the town has been racking and mucking about it.” The old woman answered whilst dusting the counters. “Well, I think for our own safety we should um close the curtains and stuff so they don’t see-“ Azalea got cut off by the old woman’s chuckle. Azalea looked confused. “Why are you laughing?” “They aren’t gonna hurt us in here darling’ they never have nor never they will.” The woman smiled putting down the duster. “I saw ya’ out there, you were quite something.”  “Oh um that?” Azalea thought for a moment. “I’m not exactly sure what happened there.” The old woman looked up at Azalea then said, “Can I tell ya something Miss. Azalea?” “How do you know my name?” Azalea looked even more confused. Maybe her father knows this strange woman. “Because darling’ I’ve been waiting quite a bit for you to come in this shop.” The old woman gazed up at the ceiling for a moment then added, “My name is Lindara by the way.” Azalea, still quite confused asked, “Why have you been ‘waiting’ for me?” “You see darling’ no Malum people are gonna come hurt us cause I got a lil’ shield around this place.” She then added, “It’s not a visible shield, but it’ll block ya if ya be tryin’ to do bad deeds!” She raised her fist up at the window. “Maybe she just has something…wrong with her.” Azalea thought to herself. Lindara came back and approached Azalea asking,  “Azalea, do ya remember hearing any yapping about the lost sorceress’s?” Azalea looked left and right then answering, “Um yeah, they sometimes tell stories about it in my school.” Lindara bent down lower and whispered, “My grandmother used to be a sorceress.” Azalea raised her eyebrow saying, “Really…that’s interesting.”  “Oh indeed it is.” Lindara nodded her head then went to the back of the shop. She came back with what looked like to be a scarf. “What is that?” Azalea looked at it for a moment. “It’s a scarf.” Lindara said unfolding it. “That’s what I thought it was…” Azalea was trying her best to be polite, but this woman sounded crazy!  “But let me tell ya’ it isn’t any ordinary scarf.” Lindara said handing it to Azalea. Azalea grabbed the scarf unfolding it looking around for a moment awkwardly. “It’s magical.” Lindara said dusting the scarf a little bit with her hand whilst Azalea was holding it. “It helps you perform little spells and what-not.” Lindara continued, “What I’m really saying Azalea, is that you are like a reincarnation of my grandmother.” “Uh-huh okay.” Azalea said placing the scarf on the counter top next to her. “You know it’s true.” Lindara said picking up the scarf. “Here, take it.” Lindara then said, “The scarf is called écharpe magique.” “It means Magic scarf, not very original if you ask me.” Lindara handed it over to Azalea. “Just give it a little swing, why don’t ya?” Azalea, who herself was taught to respect and listen to her elders, like most children were, twirled the scarf in a small circle as a light breeze began. “Keep spinning!” Lindara ordered Azalea. Azalea spun the scarf a bit faster now, as it picked up the pace and made larger gusts of wind. “You can stop now.” Lindara said as Azalea slowed the twirling down and made a complete stop eventually. Lindara grinned saying, “That was very god, you nearly blew down my flower pot over there!” “Isn’t it already breezy outside, you have the windows open and everything. “You still have your doubts huh?” Lindara grabbed a book from her counter and opening it to just one certain page. “Here.” Lindara said pointing her finger to a sentence on page 133 of the strange book she had. Azalea couldn’t quite see the cover of the book, but she thought to herself, ‘If I just do what this kooky old lady wants me to, maybe she’ll just let me leave..’ Azalea placed her index finger on the sentence Lindara pointed to. The words on the page started to glow. Azalea couldn’t quite get her finger off of it for some reason though. She felt herself, almost, transforming in a way. The page started to burn, slowly crisping up into flames, Azalea struggling to remove her finger from the paper, finally released as the book dissolved. “Um.” Azalea said blowing air on her finger trying to cool it off as it hurt a bit. “See darling, I’m not lying, nor joking, and I am most definitely not a kooky old lady.” ‘How did she..” Azalea cut off her thoughts then saying, “Um I think I have to go I think-“ Lindara sighed saying, “The Malum are still out there you know.” “What?” Azalea said looking out of her window. She saw nothing. “But-“ Lindara cut Azalea off saying, “Looks like you’ve enforced the invisible protection shield with your own magic.” Lindara smiled placing the scarf in her hands. “Can you believe me, or at least take this with you?” Lindara pleaded. Azalea thought for a moment. If she took it, it meant she could get out, so she answered, “Fine I guess, um thank you.” Azalea said as she was handed the scarf. She slowly opened the door and made her way out. The Malum weren’t in this part of town now, thank goodness. Azalea took a good look at the scarf, giving it a skeptical look. “Hmm…” Azalea thought. Maybe she was just in a dream/nightmare kind of thing. But it felt real. She didn’t feel like she was dreaming. So much more crazier things would have happened if she was dreaming. She was still wary of the fact the Malum were probably still here. But her tiny village seemed peaceful for now. She walked all the way to her small house, thinking about the old woman Lindara. Could it be true? Was Azalea one of the two remaining sorceresses left in this world? No. It just couldn’t be. She thought. Azalea opened the door finding her home with nothing left inside. Azalea took a long deep sigh. What else did she expect? It was the Malum after all. They stole and pillaged everywhere. But she didn’t think they would take so much. Furniture, food, silverware, so many things lost. Azalea walked slowly around the house looking for anything left behind. “Well they did a good job at taking everything.” Azalea thought as she looked about finding nearly nothing but a chair, her and her sister’s beds and some sentimental items of the family that probably didn’t have much value to the Malum. She sat down on the floor and held the scarf the old woman gave her. “If only it was true, maybe I could help.” Azalea said placing the scarf in her lap. “Azalea? A-Azalea?!” Azalea swooped her head over to view the front door seeing Adrasteia peering through the window. Azalea rushed to the door swinging it open and hugging her sister. “Oh thank god!” Adrasteia exclaimed as Azalea gave her a hug. “Are you hurt?” Adrasteia said in a nervous voice overlooking her sister. “No, no I’m fine.” Azalea answered as Adrasteia looked around at their home. “Oh, well that isn’t good.” Adrasteia said as she overviewed the now practically empty home. “I guess the Malum didn’t leave our home alone.” Adrasteia said picking up a few items left on the ground. “They didn’t leave anyone alone it seems.” Azalea said as Adrasteia asked, “Where did you go, or hide?” “I just kind of hid behind the bushes and stuff.” Adrasteia replied, “Do you know where father is?” “You don’t know where he is? I was going to ask you.” Azalea said with a look of worry on her face. Where would her and her sister go if their father was dead? Oh she just couldn’t stand thinking of it. “Maybe he stayed in the basement of a neighbor’s house?” Azalea guessed. “I don’t think he would do that.” Adrasteia replied, then saying, “We just need to stay calm, I’m sure he’ll come back soon.” She continued, “He’s probably still at work hiding somewhere in the building.” Azalea responded “Yeah you’re probably right.” “Should we go look for him?” Adrasteia asked twiddling her thumbs nervously. “Only if he doesn’t come back in I guess the next day.” Azalea answered. Adrasteia sat down in a corner anxiously taking a deep breath. Then suddenly, another knock at the door. Azalea and Adrasteia turned around their heads then lowering to the ground as Azalea peered through the door window.  “Who is it?” Adrasteia muttered to her sister.  “It’s probably Mr. Whitman checking up on us.” Azalea muttered back to her sister. Adrasteia slowly opened the door peeking out as Mr. Whitman stood at the entrance nervously looking at the girls. “Everything alright over here?” He asked in an anxious tone. “Yeah we’re both fine.” Adrasteia answered whilst Azalea walked to the front door and Mr. Whitman breathed a sigh of relief. “Oh Azalea I’m so sorry I thought the door on the buggy was completely secure and-“ Azalea interrupted, “It’s fine no big deal, you don’t have to say sorry.” “What? But you nearly could’ve died had you not landed the right way!” Mr. Whitman said as he peered into the house. “Oh my your house is quite the mess..” He paused for a moment looking at the destruction the Malum had caused then continued, “Do you know where your father is?” Adrasteia and Azalea both shook their heads. “I haven’t seen him either, I’m beginning to worry a bit.” Mr. Whitman stared at the ground upset by the fact that his good friend could have been killed by such cruel individuals. Adrasteia was looking flustered this entire time. As Azalea and Mr. Whitman were discussing where Azalea’s dad might be, Adrasteia burst through the door running out with anger. Azalea surprised yelled, “Adrasteia what are you doing?” Mr. Whitman confused, just stood there. Azalea ran as fast as she could over to her sister. Adrasteia ran and ran Through the cluttered streets still littered with Malum members making sure they didn’t forget to steal anything else. Azalea stopped running after seeing a Malum member that slowly turned his head around taking a look at her finger that he could see peeking through the bushes. He came over to the bush as Azalea breathed quietly as she could even though she felt like screaming. As the Malum member approached closer, Azalea moved back slowly but surely. Then Adrasteia came rushing through like she was before, attempting to protect her sister after seeing her and a Malum member so close. The Malum member took a look at her and muttered some non understandable words. He yelled over to some other Malum members and cornered Azalea and Adrasteia to a tree. Then a female Malum member came over by the tree. How strange. Azalea thought. The Malum were a group of former monks, monks are men only so how and why is their a lady in their evil little tribe. She then realized right at the moment that was not what she needed to be thinking about. She raised her head up looking at the woman as she said something in a different language. She pointed at Azalea and Adrasteia and took a good look at them. She then said some sort of order to two other Malum members and they signaled for Azalea and Adrasteia to come. Azalea then thought, “What if I do what I did last time, even though I have no idea how I did that in the first place.” Well she could try at least. She raised her fist giving a firm hit to the face at the Malum member who was grabbing them. Adrasteia joined in, but it seemed they both were doing it like Azalea was earlier. “Magic” Azalea thought about all the words that the old woman Lindara spoke of. She ignored the voice’s nonsense and continued the fight carefully. Kicking seemed the best way around this. As they all fought between these strange powerful girls, Azalea realized something. “Maybe Adrasteia is the second sorceress” Then she moved over to another thought thinking, “That’s why they are trying to take us, they must think-or know what we can do.” Azalea and Adrasteia backed away quickly for a moment in caution. These Malum members were not carrying there weapons, and even if they were they wouldn’t hurt Azalea nor Adrasteia. Azalea finally realized it. Why the Malum came to Dordale. Why they broke into her home. Why they were trying to take her and her sister away. They wanted control of their powers. That was it. As her and Adrasteia backed away she realized that they could just make a run for it. Azalea yelled at her sister who then started to run with her. But one of the Malum member swiftly grabbed Adrasteia’s  arm  and they then gave up on getting Azalea. Azalea turned around finding her sister being taken away from her. She then ran back shouting out Adrasteia’s name. Suddenly Mrs. Safrian came rushing through grabbing Azalea. She put her arm around her and rushed her into the bakery which was only a few buildings down from where Azalea was. Azalea screeched hammering her fist at the door as the Malum took Adrasteia away. Off they went. They got the whole reason why they came to Dordale, well not the entire reason. Azalea got away. But why did she have to get away? It wasn’t fair. Just not fair at all. Azalea burst into tears as Mrs. Safrian pulled Azalea into a hug to comfort her. This is not it. Azalea thought. I need to talk to Lindara.

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I love Emilia Clarke and breadsticks oh and i'm also okay at writing and if you're having existential thoughts it's ok to feel as if the world was nothing but a blank sheet before an explosion or a deity came into play or that life is but a void of pointlessness until you make one for yourself and you have yet to find that point i'm there for ya bb

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